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Books by Our Rabbi

When we are passionate about God, He is passionate for us.

Our Rabbi, Michael Stepakoff, is passionate about teaching.  He is a well-known speaker who regularly speaks at both regional and national conferences and events.  Rabbi Stepakoff is also a prolific writer.  In addition to being an accomplished songwriter of many hit messianic Jewish songs, Rabbi Stepakoff is the author of books, and an array of Messianic Jewish articles, blogs, and other publications. 

Three of Rabbi Stepakoff's recent books are available below, just by clicking on the book title here:

The iPath - How I Became Conscious of An Invisible World (2017)

"One God" - the mystery of knowing the one and only God. (2015)

"Arubot HaShamayim" (the Floodgates of Heaven), Ancient Jewish wisdom for living a blessed life. (2012)

These books can be obtained at our weekly Shabbat services, or through through by clicking on the book titles above, and can be delivered to your doorstep.

Rabbi Stepakoff speaks weekly, every Friday at TNJ.  Online midweek messages are broadcast via Livestream video on Facebook Live. 

If you want to follow and learn from our Rabbi, you can also stay connected with Michael Stepakoff through Facebook and through our weekly podcasts, which can be shared with your friends on social media and via email.  Shalom!

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