Use PayPal to Help TNJ Recover from the Impact of Hurricane Irma :


On Sept. 11th, 2017, Tampa Bay was struck by Hurricane Irma. We have already been receiving  inquiries, particularly from folks outside the State of Florida, as to whether TNJ needs financial help due to the impact of Irma. The answer is YES! 

Obviously, the damage and loss from this historic, monster Hurricane called "Irma" is widespread throughout the State of Florida. There is hardly any city in Florida that was not touched by Irma, and ours is no exception. Our whole community is impacted. If you feel led to help a messianic synagogue in the aftermath of Irma, we at Temple New Jerusalem welcome your support!

We still don't know the full extent or details of how this will impact TNJ. Updates will be forthcoming. Some financial loss to TNJ has already arisen from the general state of calamity, the paralysis to the community, the closure of businesses and infrastructure, the massive evacuations, and the widespread power outages. While the ministry, of course, has continued on a person-to-person basis, the disruption of normal synagogue operations, including the cancellation of Shabbat services, temporary closure of the synagogue office etc., puts great financial pressure on Temple New Jerusalem. We hope to be up and running again soon, but it may take time to get things back to "normal." We are still trying to assess and process it all.

Therefore, yes! You can give to help TNJ. And we would welcome and encourage financial help from anyone who is moved by the Lord to give. You can GIVE ONLINE by clicking the PayPal link above.  Or mail checks to our secure PO Box, at:

Temple New Jerusalem, 36181 East Lake Rd., Box #411, Palm Harbor, Fl., 34685.

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