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Shabbat Services

TNJ meets for weekly service on Shabbat every Friday at 8 pm.  (Certain rare occasions are excepted, so if you're new, or visiting, check the calendar on this website).

In our services, the abiding principle is that "the joy of the Lord is our strength."  Our service is a unique blend of the ancient, traditional synagogue, with joyful, upbeat, and modern praise.  We believe synagogue should be fun for all ages, including for families and for the youth, which is a major focus for us. 

Our Shabbat service, therefore, is oriented in Judaic culture, however, we emphasize the presence of God in all things, as opposed to just doing ritual for the sake of ritual.  Our goal is that every person who attends Shabbat at TNJ will feel connected to Israel, but also leave feeling inspired, uplifted up, more knowledgeable, and most of all, full of "simcha" (Joy)!

Come as you are. There is no dress code at TNJ.  (Most people dress "business casual").

At Temple New Jerusalem, we believe God judges your heart, not your clothes.  We believe in order and structure, and basic respect for authority of leadership.  However, TNJ is a warm and welcoming congregation, not a place where people are judged or told what to do, nor held to observe rules and regulations unique to us.  Random acts of kindness and unsolicited love is frequently seen at TNJ.  All are made to feel welcome.

Service Highlights:

Messianic Praise and Worship: Featuring music by Paul Wilbur, Jonathan Settel, Joel Chernoff, Ted Pearce, Marty Goetz, Barry and Batya Segal, and others.

Davidic Dancing: As started by King David in ancient times, we're a congregation that encourages dancing before

the Lord.  Totally optional for those interested.  We worship with tambourines, banners, blowing the shofar, musical instruments, clapping, hands raised to the Lord, and most of all, it is the JOY OF THE LORD, which is our strength.  Some prefer to sit or stand silently or just watch.  It's all good.

Traditional Hebraic Worship: Ancient prayers of Israel, many of which were the same prayers of Yeshua and his first followers, as found in the "siddur" or Jewish prayer book.

Torah Service: The Torah is processed with rejoicing, dancing, and musical praise. The "Parasha" or weekly Torah "portion" is read from the Torah in Hebrew and translated into English.

Message from Rabbi Michael: Our Rabbi gives a message every week, often based in the weekly Torah portion. Every message is taught from both the Old and the New Testaments, and is oriented in helping us to understand Yeshua and to grow in our relationship with Him as our Savior and God.

Kiddush / Hamotzi: When Yeshua gave thanks, he often blessed the bread and the wine, these are the prayers He said.

Oneg: A joyful time of awesome food, drinks and fellowship.  Visitors are encouraged to meet Rabbi Mike and his wife Tarah

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Shabbat Services
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